3 ways to create a unique atmosphere:

1. What is too much is not healthy
Bet on one particular style, try not to mix several styles. Both in the decor and in the menu. Two styles that match each other, which refer to the climate and the region of the dishes on the card is also a good solution. Remember that the heart of your restaurant is food, not the decor. The restaurant is a background for dishes – it should be neat, with a small number of motifs on the tablecloth, furniture or dishes. Too much decoration will darken the taste and make the restaurant look cheesy to guests.

2. Lighting
Even with the limited capabilities of the restaurant equipment, a well-chosen lighting can achieve a magical effect. Bad lighting will make the place seem gloomy or not very cozy. Lights illuminating specific tables can give the effect of more privacy, without the need to insert additional walls or screens in the restaurant.

3. Make changes
Remove objects and solutions that are outdated or do not fit into the concept of the premises. Be creative and make modifications that match your current needs. Sometimes you just have to replace something.