• very simple and functional software to handle fiscal sales,
  • works with all types of the fiscal printers: Elzab D10, Elzab Zeta, Elzab Mera, Posnet Temo HS EJ, Posnet Trio, Posnet Thermal, Posnet HD, Posnet XL,
  • very intuitive – touch sales panel,
  • handles all of the tablets and mobile phones with platforms: Android > 4.0; Windows Mobile; iOS,
  • easy management of the policy of adding and removing items and services,
  • the possibility of adding your own photos and descriptions of items and services,
  • the possibility of adding and configuring ingredients,
  • the possibility of configuring additions to items,
  • meals modifications,
  • simple creation of sets,
  • support for many receipts,
  • displaying orders on the kitchen screen,
  • the possibility of sending information about ready order from kitchen screen,
  • displaying ready orders on the order screen,
  • partial print of the receipt,
  • preview of the receipt’s history,
  • the possibility of printing the cash report,
  • service.


  • If your company wants to complete as many orders as possible in the shortest possible time, our ABS POS system will be the perfect solution.


  • barcode readers,
  • drawers,
  • kitchen printers,
  • fiscal printers Posnet and Elzab via USB or Bluetooth.