The development of the internet has been changing our habits for many years. Thanks to easy access to the network, we could give up many traditional activities, which were connected to leaving home or company, reaching the place of the purpose and standing in the queues. It is the most noticeable in the area of internet shopping. The number of online stores is growing, while stationary stores record a smaller and smaller number of visitors. However, the functionality of the internet does not end here. Due to internet development appeared possibility of settlement of official, commercial or banking matters via network, without leaving home. However, to make it possible, we must obtain a qualified signature.

What is qualified signature?

Qualified signature is nothing but an electronic form of signature, which is the equivalent of a handwritten signature. It is used in online deal making and signing of documents, which status has the legal force. Qualified signature is safe signature. It has completely different character than a simple electronic signature. A simple electronic signature is used to confirm the identity of person, who is sending documents online. The character of qualified signature is more serious and the requirements for its form are strictly codified by law. The qualified signature is connected only with person who is using it, and using the signature is possible only with specifical, individual, customized devices. To be able to sign documents in the electronic way we need USB card reader or special scratchcard with code.  Safe signature is created with using the right security methods. To develop qualified signature advanced cryptographic algorithms are used, usually in the form of various types of keys. It prevents the possibility of gaining access to the signature to third parties, who are not allowed to use our signature. The document, which is signed with safe qualified signature, gains the same force, as in the case of its traditional paper form, with handwritten signature. The qualified signature has the character of handwritten signature only, when it is verified by qualified certificate, which is released by qualified units involved in the provision of certification services. Those type of units are obligated to fulfill all of the legal requirements and belong to the register of the Ministry of Economy. What is important about safe signatures verified by qualified certificate is that they are paid and time-limited signatures. It means that when the validity of the signature ends, it is necessary to renew the subscription.