Consumer service is a basic function of every catering establishment. The labor market is extensive, which is why often students and people without formal education apply for the post of a waiter. What is the guideline when choosing the right employee? We suggest what predispositions a potential waiter should show.

10 features of a good waiter:
1. Professional knowledge
This is definitely the basis. The waiter needs to know the rules of customer service. Appropriate serving of dishes, proper selection of dishes, cutlery – all this shows professionalism.


2. Personal culture
The use of polite phrases, the culture of words are obvious.

3. Knowledge of the card
The waiter should know what he is selling. Without knowing the menu, it will not be able to recommend specific items to guests, and this will adversely affect sales. The waiter should also be able to explain to the guests what the dish is made of – otherwise he will be perceived as unprofessional.

4. Knowledge of foreign languages
We live in a global village – almost every day, guests from all over the world come to our restaurants. Not everyone knows the Polish language, so it is important to allow them to order a meal in a more convenient language.

5. Energeticity
Contrary to appearances, the work of the waiter is very demanding in terms of the physical. Many hours of walking, standing, carrying heavy objects – all this requires energy.

6. Flawless memory
Customers will definitely not be satisfied if the waiter mistakes their order or, worse, deliver their meal to another table.

7. Neatness
Nobody wants to be served by a sloppy, careless employee – attention to clothes and appropriate appearance are very important in this work.

8. Ability to work in a team
Good communication between the kitchen and the room and between the waiters is the key to a good atmosphere in the restaurant. Customers will also feel positively.

9. Ability to use new technologies
Fiscal printer , payment card terminal , POS system or mobile applications are devices that are increasingly used in catering establishments. With each passing year, their popularity will grow, so the waiter should know at least the basics of their service.

10. Resistance to stress
Working with people always brings difficult situations. Resolving conflicts, meeting customer expectations, and all this under time pressure and watchful eye of the manager – a good waiter does not have a problem with that.