Running a restaurant is a challenge! The list of cases you need to control can be a bit overwhelming. Below we have collected the most important (in our opinion) aspects that need attention when planning your own business in gastronomy.

8 tips for a novice restaurateur:

1. Correct location
Choosing a location is usually the key to success. The restaurant in a popular area will attract both locals and tourists. A restaurant in a less-frequented district also has a chance to gain a multitude of clients – just take care of the right advertisement and literally “point out” to customers.
2. Trusted suppliers
Providing the pantry in supermarkets is passe. A reliable supplier, preferably a regional producer, will provide us with the highest quality products.
3. Always fresh
Consumer awareness has increased significantly in recent years. Preparing dishes immediately before the release, avoiding frozen foods – customers value that.
4. A good team
You can not hide – it’s the employees who create the atmosphere of the restaurant. Teamwork is the pillar of every activity. If there are no unnecessary tensions between employees, you can be sure that your customers will also be satisfied.
5. Take care of the employee
You can not hide – it’s the employees who create the atmosphere of the restaurant. Appreciation of an employee translates into his motivation and loyalty.
6. Good PR
The right advertisement is one thing, but the promotion in social media and whisper marketing are governed by their own laws. It is worth considering the employment of a professional specialist in this field.
7. Do not be afraid of new technologies
Technological progress can make you dizzy, but do not hesitate to use the available options. The use of the POS system and mobile applications will help to improve the service of guests and help maintain order in documents.
8. Be creative, but consistent
New ideas are a great opportunity to grow, but too many numbers and frequencies of change can bring chaos and disorganization, and this is not conducive to business.