The development of technology has significantly contributed to the entry to a higher level of convenience and speed of work in many areas of the economy. The automated identification system is extremely important. Today nobody can imagine normal functioning of any warehouse or logistic company without this system. The electronical identification is possible thanks to labels, which are sticked to the items, which are going to be catalogued or forwarded to further processes (f.e. delivery of items to driver). They have graphic or text characters, which works with scanners and computer system. To be able to use this items, it is necessary to buy label printer. Let’s check how to choose the best label printer and to what we should pay attention.


What is the label printer?

The label printer is a device, which is the main attribute of the automatic identification system. It enables printing on self-adhesive consumable materials (labels, stickers etc.), which are later sticked to items or products. It perfectly fit in shops, warehouses, offices and logistic companies. It allows quick identification of product range and conduction of operations on items in the system. The label printer is able to print barcode, which is used f.e. in shipping lists. It works with scanners, which can read its record and transfer information to the computer programm. Thanks to that the product range management is simple, fast and easy in use. Development of barcode usually is possible thanks to special software provided by producer of printers. It is important that label printers are able to print not only on labels. There is a possibility of printing on foil, paper or plastic. Not only barcodes can be handled by this type of the device. They also print inscriptions and graphics, that is why their possibilities of use are really wide.