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Gastronomy software CUBE Online + Tablet

Gastronomy software CUBE Online + Tablet

ABS POS – sales software to support retail/service/catering establishments. It can be used to print receipts, invoices and orders. It cooperates with ELZAB, POSNET and NOVITUS fiscal printers. It works with additional sales channels such as Easy QR Menu and wciągnij.to. The application includes an intuitive Dashboard panel.

The set available in the auction is:

ABS POS software;
Fiscal printer ELZAB CUBE Online with software, fiscalization, set of documents, technical support;
HUAWEI 10″ tablet

The most important advantages of ABS POS software:

cooperation with ONLINE fiscal printers
mobility of taking orders – tablets for waiters or Easy QR Menu application
communication with the kitchen – printers (so-called vouchers) and kitchen displays (with the option of confirming ready orders)
Orders, receipts, invoices – issued in one panel
Quick communication between customer <-> waiter <-> cook
Intuitive operation of ABS POS applications
Possibility of data analysis (orders, receipts, invoices, goods, ingredients, online orders)
possibility to edit MENU and check current sales from any place in the world (ABS POS panel available through the browser)
employee control – each employee logs in with an individual PIN code
simplified and extended version of storehouse (with possibility of entering recipes)
compatibility with a payment terminal

Gastronomy software CUBE Online + Tablet
pastry shops
food trucki
ice cream parlors
sushi restaurants
burger shops
franchise networks - gastro
Additional use of software + CUBE Online + Tablet
ice rings
small shops up to - 300 PLU
cosmetic plants
hairdressing salons
mobile sales from a mobile phone
construction services
plumbing services
electrical services

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