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Elzab Mera Online Fiscal Printer + Fiscalization

Elzab Mera Online Fiscal Printer

+ fiscalisation, training, documents to the U.S., help in obtaining a refund of 90% of the device price (no more than PLN 700).

The ELZAB Mera printer, available in an ONLINE version, appreciated by a large group of users. High-class, fast and durable fiscal printer with an automatic paper cutter as standard. Perfect for high traffic areas. Perfect for a supermarket, wholesaler, hotel, restaurant, bookstore and petrol station. Its small dimensions are the perfect solution when the counter area of ​​the shop is limited. Equipped with a LAN connector and a wireless communication module (Bluetooth / WiFi), which can be used to communicate with the Central Repository of Cash Registers. Connected to a computer via USB, LAN or RS232.

Worth emphasizing:

communication with the Central Repository of Cash Registers
4.3 “color TFT display with adjustable position, with the possibility of displaying up to eight graphics (pharmacy logos, advertisements), messages or the current date and time
possibility of connecting an additional, free-standing display
printing of VAT invoices
superformat – generating any non-fiscal printouts (confirmations, receipts, discount coupons)
graphics in the header, footer and printout content
cooperation with online stores (LAN connection client mode)
cooperation with several sales stands at the same time (license system)
printing of an additional product description line on receipts and invoices
printout of QR codes
support for popular communication protocols
possibility to print the buyer’s tax identification number on the receipt

Elzab Mera Online Fiscal Printer + Fiscalization

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