For your convenience this site uses cookies and similar technology to enhance the service to the users needs and for statistical purposes. You can find more details below:

Cookies – they are small pieces of data, stored in text files, which can be sent by Web server and they are stored on user’s computer (on the computer’s hard drive, the place of the storage is set by web browser).

The cookies parameters allow to read stored information only the server, which created them. The computer makes information stored in cookies available only to the website from which the cookies come.

The cookies purpose is allowing the server to remember specific information about the internet connection session. The other purposes of using cookies and similar technology are to enhance the service t0 the user needs and statistical purposes. The types of files, which are used on the website:

The website uses two types of cookies – session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files, which are active on the user’s device until they log out from the website or close the web browser. We use session cookies because of the technical reasons, f.e. to provide better navigation on our website, to allow users to adjust their preferences about using the website and to remember users logged in.

The persistent cookies are stored on the user’s device for the whole time specified in the cookie file’s parameters or until they will be manually removed by user. This type of cookies is stored on the user’s hard drive to check, which users are new on the website and which users come back.

The parameters, which are set by the website as cookies:

  • display resolution (for statistical purposes),
  • encoded hash of the session (security),
  • encoded base64 additional session information (for statistical purposes),
  • user ID (for statistical purposes),
  • “remember me” option during logging in (hash for autologin, persistent cookies),
  • support for probes (security, for statistical purposes),
  • to remember user’s specific settings (for statistical purposes, persistent cookies),

Cookies from the external services

The website contains cookie files from partner websites of the website owner. They are subject to their own privacy policy.

Cookies from Google Analitics:

When the user uses Google products, we use different technologies to store and save information – it can include f.e. sending at least one, or more, cookie file or sending an anonymous identifier to the user’s device. We use cookie files and anonymous identifiers also, when the user interacts with services, which are offered to our partners, like advertising services or google features, which are working on other websites.

If you do not agree to storing on your computer persistent or session cookies, you can turn the cookies off in your browser.

Turning off the cookies might impact the proper functioning of the website. In particular, the user will not be able to log in, to use the shopping basket in the internet shop or to submit the orders and  to make a payment.

You should be aware that disabling cookies in the browser, will impact the functioning of cookies on all other visited websites.

Instructions for managing cookies depending in the used browser: